How to Write an Internship Resume

Throughout my 20+ year hiring career, including my most recent role as VP Global Talent Acquisition at Amazon, I've reviewed thousands of internship resumes. Some were good. Most were not. I've seen what works for internship resumes. And what doesn't work.


Step 1: Use the right internship resume format


The good news is that provides you with the correct internship resume format to use for free. Our award-winningQuickstart Internship Resume Templates是预先写好的Word实习简历模板,可以让你快速简单地将你的简历内容放入我们的格式。它们可以在网上免费使用。And ourQuickstart Resume Generatortool allows you to quickly build your internship resume online and export to Word format. Use these internship resume tools as your starting point for creating your internship resume.

Step 2: Contact section

This is the easiest section of your internship resume. The only core requirements for you are to include your name, phone number and email address. For your name, use First Last as the format unless you have a common name, in which case you may want to use either a middle initial or your full middle name to help uniquely identify yourself. However, it's still acceptable to use just First Last as the format even if you are Jane Smith or John Jones, since your phone number and email address are both uniquely your own. I usually recommend middle initial as the standard, but it's your personal choice.

Including your physical address is optional, at your discretion. It does give the resume reviewer and interviewer and indicator of where you are presently located physically. You can include either your campus address or your home address, whichever is preferable. My recommendation is to use your campus address if you are looking for internships near campus or are geographically open, but use your home address if you are looking for internships near your home. Or you can include both by stacking one left justified and the other right justified. Your address would be listed directly below your name and before your phone number and email address. It is no longer a requirement to include "M:" or "C:" before your phone number to indicate mobile or cell, since that is now the standard assumption, so just listing your phone number in either (123) 456-7890 or 123-456-7890 format is acceptable.

For your listed email, make sure the email address you use is either generic to your name (i.e. or or at least broadly generic. If your personal email address is a funny or snarky name or phrase or even a personal nickname, now is the time to go to Gmail and get a new email address setup specifically for your job search. Then make sure you are checking your inbox regularly.

Step 3: Internship objective section

This is the hardest section of your internship resume. Because how you define your internship resume objective will drive both the content for the intern resume as well as the direction of your internship search. Your internship objective section should be broad enough to be inclusive of all potential internship opportunities for which you are qualified and want to be considered, yet specific enough to be exclusive of all intern opportunities for which you are either not qualified or do not want to be considered. This is where you need to finally put a direction stake in the ground on who you hope to be when you grow up and what you want to do with your college education in the world of work.

不要跳过这一部分,也不要接受简历写手的建议,他们告诉你可以把它从简历中删掉。I am speaking from the other-side-of-the-desk perspective as someone who has hired and, perhaps more importantly,nothired thousands of college interns. It is not my job to figure out what you want to do in your internship. That's your job. Take the time to get it right. Once you have your internship objective narrowed down, your internship search will become more targeted and focused. Your internship objective should be a combination of one, two or three parameters: 1) internship job type; 2) industry; and/or 3) geography. Do your best to get it right, yet don't let this keep you from getting started. Take your best shot at it now, knowing that you can further narrow or broaden your internship objective in the future. If you need more help with writing your internship objective, check out ourHow To Write a Resume Objectiveguide to walk you through each step in the development of your personal resume objective.

Step 4: Education section

你的实习教育部分可以少写两行,也可以写满一页的大部分。你使用的数量取决于你有多少其他内容,尤其是在经验部分。你的简历大概有45-55行。你如何使用它们取决于你如何评估每一行潜在内容。或者,更具体地说,简历审稿人会如何评价他们。明智地使用这些线。至少,你需要在第一行列出你未来的学位和你期望获得学位的日期,然后在第二行列出你的学院或大学和所在地。我经常看到这两行颠倒过来,这是不正确的。问这个问题:对简历审稿人来说,你毕业的学校和你将获得的学位哪个更重要?很明显,是后者,这也是简历审稿人首先会考虑的地方。 So list it first. These two mandatory lines will continue in your professional resume for the remainder of your career.

However, for internships, you have the opportunity to list additional information. Specifically, your GPA and your coursework. List your GPA if it is above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If your overall GPA is under 3.0, but your major GPA is above 3.0, list your major GPA instead. And do not list your GPA if both are under 3.0. For coursework, you can list as many courses as you deem relevant to your objective, but remember that you are using up lines which could be used elsewhere in your resume. If you already have some internship experience, you may want to minimize this subsection. But for most internship resumes, you will want to list your most important classes in reverse order of importance in a one-, two- or three-column format. You can include all classes that you expect to complete by summer, but do NOT include classes you plan to take after your internship. You do not have to use the formal class name provided by your university. Use a descriptive name if it provides a better description of the actual class content for the resume reviewer.

Step 5: Experience section

经验部分是实习简历中变化最大的部分。亚傅体育app下载大多数实习简历在教育板块的表现相亚傅体育app下载当一致,尤其是同一所大学的同一专业的学生。毕竟,在课堂上坐在你旁边的你的专业同学,到目前为止通常都上了大部分相同的课程。所以经验部分通常是区分一个好的实习简历的关键。如果你还处于大学生涯的初期,我再怎么强调也不为过,通过与专业相关的实习和暑期工作来充实你的简历是多么重要。你可能会想,如果你没有工作经验,你的简历应该写些什么。"Do I need experience on my resume in order to get the internship?"

Even if you do not have formal internship experience yet, any work experience which can be tied to your objective is important. Each job listing in the experience section includes three subsections: 1) title and employment dates; 2) employer and location; and 3) job description and/or summary of accomplishments and delivered results. Note that this last subsection is what is the most uniquely you. What you delivered in your role is the key overall differentiator. The job description is fine as an intro, but doesn't describe your performance or development in the role. A job description is a listing of the features of the experience. The benefits of the experience are what you actually delivered. The listing of the results you achieved. Not only is this information key differentiating resume content, it will also form the basis of your behavioral answering in your future interviews. This is what will set you apart from others in seeking your internship. If you don't have extensive experience yet, don't sweat it. That's what the internship is all about, building that resume experience section. But any summer jobs or jobs concurrent to your education you may have had to date will help to differentiate you from others in seeking an internship, so be sure to list them.

Step 6: Optional sections: Summary, Skills, Activities and/or Awards sections




The activities section is often used by college students who are light on experience, but have notable activities during college which show leadership or proficiency in an area tied to the major. Another use of the activities section is to include notable class projects, especially cornerstone/capstone projects related to your major. However, note that if any of these activities are paid roles, they can and should shift to the experience section. Activities should be placed after the experience section. Awards can be used if you have two or more notable awards achieved which are not otherwise incorporated into other parts of the resume and would be placed at the end of your resume.

Each of these optional sections should only be used if you have the space on one page to further fill out the page. They should not be used to lengthen the resume beyond one page. For a variety of examples of content for these optional sections, review our QuickStart Resume Templates. Each template has a sample of relevant points for a different major.

Step 7: Save your internship resume using the right file format


Last step is to save your resume in text format (.txt), but make sure you also preview your text resume for proper formatting. Most resume submissions will be in either PDF or TXT formats. PDF is the resume file standard for attaching to an email or online file submission, while TXT is the resume file standard for copy-and-paste of your resume into an online application.

现在你已经完成了简历,是时候把它投入工作了!Take a look atInternship Job Postingsthat are currently posted at to begin submitting your resume for internships near you.

Congrats! You are now on your way!

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