The Two Most Powerful Words to Use in Your Interview

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Interview panel listens to candidate's answer
Interview panel listens to candidate's answer

As the Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Amazon, I trained our interviewers in behavioral interviewing techniques. I taught them techniques to use to always seek a full STAR (Situation or Task, Action and Result) answer. Most interviewers, even in large companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, simply wing the interview instead of using structuredcompetency-based questionsto evaluate behavioral results from the candidate. Only a small percentage of interviewers at Amazon had been through the interview training. A larger percentage than most employers, yet still with many untrained interviewers thrown into the role. So there is a large amount of variability on the interviewing side.

Yet most candidates, especially those at the entry level, are even less proficient at delivering the right type of answers and often need to be coached, led, even directly prompted into providing a full STAR answer.

But it doesn't have to be that way for you. You can deliver STAR results by simply remembering the two most powerful words to use in your interview:

"For example…"

It doesn't matter what the question is, whether it is behavioral or not, you can turn your interview answer into a STAR answer simply by using "For example…" then going on to describe the situation or task, the action you took and the results you achieved.

This may seem relatively easy, since it's merely leading with two simple words. Yet in practice it is much more difficult. It requires advanced preparation to think aboutyour full portfolio of compelling storiesand how they can be applied to different types of questions.

Which is why it's important to review and practice your answers totough interview questions在面试之前。不要只是读了一遍面试问题,然后想:“我知道这个问题的答案。”练习。大声。听听你自己,听听你是怎么回答的。最好是让一个朋友或亲戚来帮忙,按随机的顺序问你问题,然后在面试后给你他们的个人反馈。Best,do a formal mock interview有一段你回答问题的视频,这样你以后就能看到你的表现了。如果你在模拟面试中搞砸了也不用担心,这就是面试的目的。每一次练习都会让你在实际面试中更接近自己的最佳状态。


即使你没有以“例如……”开头,你仍然可以在回答中使用它来给出一个更广泛、更完整的回答。And, in doing so, you willbe a STAR in your interview!

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